A new vision
of recycling



In our current world, it is no longer possible to consider creation without thinking about the end of product life. This is why THIRD is committed to the planet by offering its customers to recover plastic waste in order to treat it and give it a second life.

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Waste as a raw material

When a part is no longer usable or at the end of its life and it is sorted, we recover it. It is then grouped together with parts of the same material to be shredded. From the shavings obtained we recreate spools of filament which can be reused to manufacture new parts.

Revaluation, another solution

It is not always possible to recreate filament from unusable parts. It happens that they are soiled, or even that one does not know the material which composes them, which would pose problems for the manufacture of new parts. However, it is necessary to treat this waste.

After being shredded, these parts will be pyrolyzed, ie heated to high temperature in the absence of oxygen. From this reaction we get fuel, oil, gas and carbon black. The use of the first 3 is quite clear, for the last it is used to fertilize agricultural land.

4 good reasons to work with us
Great knowledge from the industrial environment and in
Quality, Industrialization and Methods trades.
a design office to help you and guide you towards
suitable technologies and solutions
for your needs.
a machine park able to provide prototyping
as well as small series.
serviceslike reverse-engineering, control
by scan, collect and recycling
of your plastic wastes.
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