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Third gives air to an old motorcycle

Quentin, passionated by motocross and espacially in vintage bikes, contacted us so we can help him in the restoration of his Maico GM 250 de 1985.

Very often when you get into renewing an old vehicule, you face the lack of replacement parts. Most of the time they are no longer produced, and the few remaining stocks are difficult to access or sell for a high price if you are lucky enough to come across them. This restoration was no exception, it was impossible for Quentin to find an intake pipe (part connecting the air box to the carburetor which is used to supply the engine with air). It was then that he had this piece modeled, which fits in a volume of 100 x 80 x 92 mm, thus providing us with an essential part of the elements we need to meet his demand.

This part must meet 2 technical characteristics: be both flexible and resist hydrocarbons. We have therefore chosen a material that allows these two functions to be fulfilled and proposed a TPU with a shore 95A from Kimya. Shore 95A is flexible, but keeps a good hold, and coupled with the thicknesses of the different walls of the part, we obtain something perfectly suited to the use.

Flexible materials are a bit special to work with, which is why it is necessary to have a suitable machine. So we made the part on a Volumic Stream 30 Ultra Supercharged. The direct drive extruder allows good control of this type of filament for quality printing. Its volume of 300 x 200 x 310 mm is ideal for this kind of compact application. Finally renowned for its speed of execution, our Volumic allows us a good reactivity for a controlled cost.

Once again 3D printing was able to show its adaptability and technical capabilities to best meet the need.

We leave you with the finished bike and its first laps of the wheels:


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