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3D printing for the Urbaner !

For this new version of the Urbaner, HPR Solutions called on THIRD and its 3D printing service to improve its versatile and ecological vehicle.

3D printed equipment parts for the Urbaner tricycle

Thus, two mudguards were produced on the Modix Big-120X printer, a large format and very precise FDM machine. Among the many materials taken into account by the Modix, ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) was chosen for its criteria of resistance, impact, long periods in the open air, rain and cold. A light sanding was carried out in post-production for an optimal visual rendering.


3D printing for the mobility and transport sector

Additive manufacturing can be applied to many sectors, including mobility and transport, since it represents an optimization lever in several aspects. It allows to shorten the manufacturing phases and the time to market, but also, it improves and accelerates the design by making it more flexible and customizable. It also responds to the challenges of relocating production with transformed inventory management.

THIRD is proud to have been asked to improve the Urbaner Made In France tricycle !

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