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Imagined by Cyrille Lecroq of the company WEMED and now at the heart of the current development of THIRD, SKOP® is about to revolutionize the tele-consultation market. A product manufactured by THIRD in Saint Nazaire thanks to the advantages of 3D manufacturing.


Additive manufacturing at the service of biomimicry

With a design inspired by that of the inner ear, its intricate shape could not be crafted through traditional manufacturing methods. It is thanks to the flexibility and speed of 3D printing that it was developed in a true collaborative spirit. The LSPc technology was chosen to meet the technical specifications and the requirements of industrial production of this type. The quality (material and color rendering) and printing time are the two key criteria which have guided the numerous tests on different machine parks.

In the health context that we know but also, in view of the problems of medical deserts, SKOP® has been particularly well received by the medical profession. Telemedicine is indeed seeing its prospects grow significantly. Thus, the number of tele-consultations was multiplied by 4 in April 2020, and the curve continues to grow. 450,000 pre-orders have been recorded by WeMed and therefore as many to be manufactured by THIRD in one year.

Promote access to as many people as possible

In order to guarantee access to health for all, SKOP® wants to be accessible at a lower cost for the health system, this is the advantage of additive manufacturing which does not require material removal, complemented by a gain time in its production. Simple, clever, inexpensive, with an attractive design, the SKOP® could eventually become a daily health device in all homes, such as the thermometer, with an affordable price of around € 50.

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