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3D printing to see further ... and in color!

Monarc Optic, a range of original glasses made to measure by hand

Designing glasses is good, personalizing and responding to customer demand is better! And this is the goal set by Simon Sarot, founder of Monarc Optic by coming to meet THIRD and additive manufacturing.

Since the launch of his brand, this craftsman optician has never stopped innovating through the materials, colors and shapes of his frames. He had used 3D printing in the past but recently discovered, with the THIRD teams, the technology Multijet d’HP now allowing it a wide range of colors.


Innovate with 3D printing

If we ask him the question of the key asset of 3D printing, this creative enthusiast responds spontaneously: tailor-made at an affordable price! This is an essential point at Monarc Optic who decided to design as many models as there were clients they met - if not more! This approach is all the more personalized as it offers all the services of an optician by coming to the homes of its customers. A new vision for a rapidly developing market that THIRD is delighted to support in the coming months.

Plusieurs essais restent encore à mener sur le choix des finitions en post-production, notamment sur des rendus matières, en visu comme au toucher. Mais les premiers retours clients sont particulièrement encourageant et devraient permettre un début de commercialisation de ces nouveaux modèles d’ici l’été.


Technology Multi Jet Fusion of HP


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