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Astellas Pharma's event

 Astellas pharma France, one of the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, organized its annual event with the help of PLENI.

On the program of 2 days of ceremony: realization of a Chinese portrait of the company live and from information provided by the participants, then its production in 3D printing in the wake. The dimensions of the trophy are estimated at 25cm x 25cm x 30cm. After the event, 250 miniature reproductions will be distributed to participants in memory of this event. During manufacture, the progress will be followed live by video.

The challenges of this project are multiple: need for extreme responsiveness, high risk because no error was accepted due to the deadline, and finally succeed in making work together trades who are not used to doing so .

To ensure the success of this project, we first coordinated the various stakeholders to ensure that each person's technical constraints were taken into account on the day of the event. Make the designer aware of the design rules to be taken into account in additive manufacturing, lock with PLENI the program for data reception / production launch / availability of the trophy ... in summary all the small technical details that will give Astellas full satisfaction on D-Day .

Tuesday August 25, 2020 8 am, launch of the event.

After a moment of conviviality, participants look for original ideas until 12 noon.

It is then that the designer enters the scene and models what was imagined by the employees of Astellas. 2pm it's THIRD's turn to kick in.

As soon as the file is received, the design and methods office team analyzes the model, defines the most suitable technology and creates the program. Less than an hour after receipt, the machine is already running and production is started.

To reproduce all the details of the trophy and allow a suitable post treatment, we were able to count on our HP Multi Jet Fusion 580. MJF technology is based on nylon powder (PA12) and offers a very high level of detail thanks to its high resolution (1200 dpi in x and y).

So after about 20 hours of cycle followed by dusting, we obtained the Chinese portrait ready to paint according to the customer's specifications. Here is the result:


A few coats of paint later, the trophy is finished and shipped.

Upon receipt, the customer's validation of the visual triggered the production of the 250 miniatures which will also be produced on our HP Multi Jet Fusion 580, then painted and delivered to Astellas.

This operation was successful for THIRD, but also for PLENI, which carried out this kind of event with live production for the first time.

We are proud to have been able to bring our know-how to this project to combine creative ideas, graphics, 3d printing and finishes, and thus allow an idea to become a reality.

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