The first candle is out, the projects follow one another, and THIRD is growing. That is why today we are offering you the opportunity to participate in our development.

THIRD launches its first Crowdfunding campaign. Rest assured, we have the translation in our pocket and will explain everything to you! This is a method of crowdfunding through an interest-bearing loan. It allows everyone to financially and collectively support projects that appeal to them.

I want to invest

Playing collectively and sharing a human project are key values held by the founders of THIRD since its creation and there is no reason for this to change! It is in this logic that we are designing the business of tomorrow, driven by innovative projects. And it is for this reason in particular that we are turning to this method of financing and not to more "classic" versions.

We are fortunate to experience rapid growth. It involves the development of our machine park and our team to support all of our innovative projects. We have set our target at € 500,000. If you want to be part of this great adventure, now is the time! The Crowdlenfing campaign will end on March 15.

An innovating project 100% MADE in France

Our areas of expertise are vast and we want to expand them with you through many projects! Among them, SKOP, the connected stethoscope, imagined by Cyrille Lecroq, President of WEMED. A solution adapted to the current situation which will facilitate teleconsultation and telemedicine. From a design inspired by nature, the complex shapes are sometimes complicated or even impossible to reproduce with traditional manufacturing methods.


Produced locally, the SKOP is a simple and efficient product. Indeed it allows to osculate both the heart and the lungs by listening only from the front, no need to position it in the back. With a target retail price of € 50, it is affordable in order to provide access to healthcare to as many people as possible and respond to medical deserts. It is practical by also giving freedom to people subjected to regular examinations, the patient can thus carry out his follow-up remotely which limits his planning constraints.

in numbers

With very positive feedback from healthcare professionals on the performance of SKOP, 450,000 pre-orders have been recorded by WEMED and therefore as many to be manufactured at THIRD in 1 year. Our printing capacity will evolve over the first months to reach 60,000 pieces / month.


We need your trust in our project to grow. To date, we need to raise € 500,000 to continue with our innovative and revolutionary projects! If you want to be part of this great adventure, don't hesitate. You invest via a conventional loan up to your choice with a minimum of 500€ over a period of 3 years for a rate of return of 10%. For example: an investment of € 10,000 will bring you a profit of € 1,616 after 3 years.

If this project interests you, if helping us to move things forward in the field of health makes sense for you, contact us directly by e-mail or telephone +33 (0)2 40 15 59 05.

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