A new vision
of 3D scanning

3D Scanning


THIRD is not just a simple 3D printing manufacturer, as such we offer our 3D scanning services. You want to reverse engineer a broken part, duplicate a part for which you don't have the model, or simply measure a part to compare it to a digital master? Our design office is at your disposal to support you in these projects.

I have a project

From real to digital

In order to be able to print, we need a 3D file of your project.

Do you want to reproduce an existing part but you don't have the 3D file?
We can scan it, rework it if necessary, in order to create the model that will serve as a reference to manufacture your original part again. Even broken, your part once scanned will serve as a basis for our design office to reconstitute a functional model.

Reality control

It is possible to use the scanner as a metrology tool. Indeed its precision makes it possible to obtain a reliable 3D model that is compared to the reference customer file. The deviations are then easily identified and grouped together in a measurement report, certifying the quality of the checked part.

4 good reasons to work with us
Great knowledge from the industrial environment and in
Quality, Industrialization and Methods trades.
a design office to help you and guide you towards
suitable technologies and solutions
for your needs.
a machine park able to provide prototyping
as well as small series.
serviceslike reverse-engineering, control
by scan, collect and recycling
of your plastic wastes.
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