A new vision of 3D printing

  • Your projects

    3D Printed

    Additive manufacturing to your range

    Entrust us with all your projects of prototyping, unitary or serial production. Our team will support you in the choices of design, material and technology to best meet your needs.

    Give perspective
    to your projects
  • A broken part can be remade

    give a second life to your objects

    One of your objects doesn't work anymore because a part is broken? Our team takes care of the retro design and will propose you the adapted solution so that your object lives again.

    Throw isn't a solution
    repair is an alternative
  • Valorize your plastic waste

    Our engagement for the planet

    We are committed to reducing the negative impact of our business. That's why we develop recycling of our waste through various processes. We also invite our customers to return any source of plastic waste to us so it can be turned as a resource.

    Waste is a ressource